Concept design: Centrale Markthal Amsterdam

The Centrale Markthal is located in the heart of the city and has remained vacant for many decades. As part of a wider regeneration plan, Scala is working with the landlord BOEi to create a new and sustainable concept for the building. 

The Centrale Markthal was built in 1934 and is now located within the Foodcenter complex to the west of Amsterdam. The market was orginally built as a wholesale operation to supply restaurants and markets around the city. Over the years, however, these businesses have relocated to warehouses around the building making up what we now know as the Foodcenter. Plans are now in progress to regenerate the entire area, to include apartments, a more modernised Foodcenter, as well as a new function for the Centrale Markthal. Scala is working with the landlords to create a new sustainable concept, design and function for the building. 

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